Commonly Used Job Search Sites (CA)

Recent Updates:  I removed some outdated content recently, and will soon do a refresh on these individual write-ups.  Also, I plan to do some recent mini-reviews on some of  the newer tools out there, including ZipRecruiter, Hired,com, AngelList, and others.  For now, please find these nifty (even if dated) descriptions of each of these sites.

Here is a simple list of commonly used job search and sourcing websites.  I will try to keep this list simple by only listing under 15  at any given time.  Let me know how these sites work for you and whether there are sites that are missing and need to be added.  The sites are not listed in any particular order, although I will work out a ranking system in the future.  I am trying to focus on those most popular in the Silicon Valley of California, so if you have any that are regional in another part of the US, or in other countries, please mention this.  With enough feedback, I will most likely start another page for those resources.

Top Of My List: is a job search engine. It was launched in November 2004 as a “search engine for jobs – with a radically different approach to job search.[1]

Indeed gives job seekers free access to millions of employment opportunities from thousands of websites. The website offers job search functionality as a vertical search site by aggregating job listings from thousands of websites including major job boards, newspapers, associations and company career pages.

Indeed was co-founded by Paul Forster and Rony Kahan.[2]” The company is privately held with investment from The New York Times Company, Allen & Company and Union Square Ventures.[3]

In 2005, Indeed launched their beta version of what they refer to as “pay-per-click job advertising network”.[4] In addition to searching job postings, it also allows the occurrence of words therein to be plotted over time, ostensibly as an indicator of trends in the job market [1].

There are also Indian, UK and Canadian versions of the website.



Traditional Job Search Portals is an employment website owned by Monster Worldwide. Monster is one of the 20 most visited websites out of 100 million worldwide, according to comScore Media Metrics (November 2006). It was created in 1999 by the merger of The Monster Board (TMB) and Online Career Center (OCC), which were two of the first and most popular career web sites on the Internet. Monster is primarily used to help those seeking work to find job openings that match their skills and location.

Today, Monster is the largest job search engine in the world, with over a million job postings at any time and over 150 million resumes in the database (2008) and over 63 million job seekers per month. The company employs approximately 5,000 employees in 36 countries.

Monster also maintains the Monster Employment Index.'s’s, a Dice Holdings company, is the leading career website for technology and engineering professionals, and the companies that seek to employ them, in the United States. Our mission is to help our customers source and hire the most qualified technology and engineering professionals and to provide those professionals with the best job opportunities in their respective fields. With an 18-year track record in meeting the ever-changing needs of companies and recruiters, our specialty focus and exposure to highly-skilled technology and engineering professionals enable employers to reach hard-to-find, experienced candidates.

dice-screenshot1 was founded in 1994 by Rob McGovern. It is the largest online job site in the United States, with more than 23 million unique visitors each month and a 34% market share of help-wanted web sites in the United States.[1] provides online career search services for more than 1900partners as of March 2008, including 140 newspapers and portals such as America Online and MSN. is jointly owned by the Gannett Company, The McClatchy Company and the Tribune Company.[2] A 2007 deal was completed, in which Microsoft will acquire a minority stake in the firm and continue its relationship through 2013 with CareerBuilder as the exclusive content provider for the MSN Careers channel.[3]

On September 3, 2008, Gannett acquired an additional 10% stake in CareerBuilder from Tribune for $135 million. Ownership stakes as of that date are as follows: Gannett (50.8%), Tribune (30.8%), McClatchy (14.4%), and Microsoft (4%).


Regional Focus

Established in 1997, has become a staple for both Bay Area employers and job seekers. The formula for our success is pretty simple. Early on, we recognized the growing utility and popularity of the web as a recruiting medium. We combined this knowledge with the simple fact that hiring takes place at the local level. Thus, the concept of a local web site focused on the Bay Area employment market was born. is designed and maintained with three primary guiding principles in mind:

We took this simple formula and designed with three basic principles in mind:

  • EASE-OF-USEThe site is intuitive, straightforward and easy to use.
  • QUALITYThe site deploys state-of-the-art navigation, functionality and User Interface, and contains fresh, accurate, and useful features & content.
  • EFFECTIVENESSThe site has undergone three major upgrades in the past eight years to ensure it remains a valuable and effective resource for both Bay Area job seekers and employers alike.


Targeted, regional job search tool, backed by national network of regional boards, print & radio advertising, and organized and structured marketing campaign.


Web 2.0 Job Search Tools

LinkedIn Jobs

Tied to their web-based networking tool, job search on LinkedIn allows the added functionality of reaching out to contacts within your network to provide referrals, expertise requests, and the means to research jobs, firms, and potentially hiring managers.  On the recruiter side, LinkedIn is a valuable sourcing tool for accessing detailed information on prospects, for measured and controlled communication and a way to market yourself and your firm to potential hires.  NOTE: this is different from working directly for LinkedIn, as their job posts are listed elsewhereon their site.


Aggregators (Vertical Search) is a job search engine. The company was founded in 2004 by Gautam Godhwani and Peter Weck, and the initial beta site launch occurred on March 16, 2005. As of April 2006 the company has raised $17.7M in capital from angel investors and founders, including most recently $13.5M from Foundation Capital and News Corporation. The founders themselves invested $1.2M in the company.[1]

Vertical search is an emerging market with several new startups in this space both in US and in other countries. Other major job search engines include: (US),, (India),, (Canada), (UK) and (Hong Kong).[2]

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    1. That is true, as are a number of other specific industry segments such as wireless communications, software, and the medical fields. However, I am specifically curious on what trends there are (more contractors hired vs/ regular, full-timers), as well as what job sites are popular, especially as they target these niches.

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