About Steve

I am a recruiting and HR professional based in the Silicon Valley of California (USA). My hiring niche is technical recruiting of varied forms of engineering talent, including software, hardware, firmware, product, etc.  I have sourced and successfully filled roles in architecture, platform development, product management, development, quality assurance, and DevOps.  Typical domains I have recruited for include: java front-end and back-end development, fullstack, openstack and open source, algorithm developers, application developers, OS Layer developers, embedded firmware, cloud computing, data science, machine learning, parallel processing, mobile and web development.  I have hired for IT, large scale software application development, to small, nimble development teams of a handful of coders.   For physical sciences, I have sourced and hired, mechanical engineers, hardware engineers, process engineers, systems engineers, material scientists, research and development specialists, from individual contributors to directors leading teams and managing sizable budgets and headcounts.

I also hire for all G&A functions, including Finance, Human Resources, Operations, senior sales and marketing folks (VP’s, Directors, Senior Managers, Account Executives, Program Managers, etc.). Targeted candidates typically have 10+ years of progressive managerial experience, have proven track records of selling to Fortune 500 companies, or large, industrial clients, and have experience with managing large, robust sales organizations or initiatives.

Between formal gigs, I also provide career coaching, strategy, and help with personal branding.  If you need help or tweaking with a strategy on how to get hired, who to work for, or what to do, and are based in the Silicon Valley, maybe I can help.

I’m a big fan and advocate of Web 4.0 tools and methodologies, including the use of social networking technology and best practices to enhance employer brand and candidate engagement. I love to champion the leveraging of innovative trends of how information moves around and how people learn. I am open to networking and connecting with those that have something to say, and those that are willing to listen. For blogging, my main focus is on hiring trends and where jobs are or will be. I run into a great deal of folks from all walks of life that are either actively pursuing getting hired, or are considering moves to other positions.

If interested in connecting, let’s connect on the following;







2 thoughts on “About Steve”

  1. HI Steve

    We never met but we have a similar contact by the name of Zeeshan Abbassi. I worked w/ Zeeshan at Tellabs.

    I am interested in the Lab Tech Position at Huawei.


    1. Hi Justin,

      I apologize for not responding sooner. Did you get a chance to view our careers site and apply for this role? Once there and applied, it would be easier to route your resume to the appropriate recruiter. I hope you were able to find what you are looking for.

      Good luck.

      – Steve

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