5 Years Later…… Now what?

I notice a recurring trend in much of the posting I do.  It is not consistent, or at least not consistently forthcoming.  I need to do something about that.

What I have also noticed is that I am much more likely to blog when I get frustrated, upset, or (sometimes) inspired by what goes on in my life.

Case in point – much of the previous blog posts I have done were usually in response to something I was going through at the time: applying for jobs, interviewing, landing something, then realizing that the job I landed may not have been the nirvana I projected it to be when I first pursued the role.

What gives?  Why do I only unleash these written words when I am struck by inspiration that sporadically comes?  Is there a “right” answer?  A good answer? I don’t know.

I do know that in the span of the time between my last blog post, and this one today, a few life changing things have happened to me:

  1. I had a kid.
  2. I changed jobs 3 times.
  3. I have traveled a little bit (mostly to the Midwest a few times – some for business, some for family)

Having a Kid

Let’s discuss the most important of the 3: my daughter being born.  Micaela R. Navarro (born in 2014 – although forgive me if I’m coy on details).  She is the apple in Daddy’s eye and (aside from my wife), the main motivation for why I am willing to take guff and keep coming back.  Now-a-days, instead of thinking how what I do and the decisions I make may affect only me and perhaps my wife, I now understand that I have this life that I am accountable for and must now temper my thought processes accordingly.  We are not alone anymore, and being a parent isn’t just about giving birth, but being present and being aware.  It’s a lot harder than I have ever given anyone with kids credit for.  But I would not trade it for the world.

My job changing ways:

In 2015 I left 8×8 by way of a layoff (not my choice).  And so after what I thought was too short a time of just shy of 3 years, had to venture out into the world to seek my fortune.  I had no idea what I was doing, where I would wind up or how far of a commute I would be doing to make the rent.  In the end, it boiled down to 2 options: Cisco and Intel, and I chose Intel.  To be honest, it was the very best choice I could have made.  I loved it there.  The environment was great, the culture was fun, and I liked the fact that the people I worked with were good about balancing work and life.  Seldom would I see folks there working later than 6 PM, and yet things did not fall apart (go figure!).  On top of that I recruited for the diversity hiring team.  How great was that?  I spent my time looking for qualified technical females, and other underrepresented minorities, and would work at getting them exposure to our team for consideration.  I would occasionally work events such as networking events and job fairs, and I loved what I did.  Fast forward to 6 mos. ago, when I left all of that to go to work for ASML.  Granted, this seemed logic.  earlier in my career, I worked for Nikon Precision, Inc., one of ASML’s top rivals for 7 years.  I had also worked with AMD, Intel, Applied Materials, and others – all seemingly making me a reasonable candidate for this onsite recruiter role.  However, reality has a way of crushing your perspective and “righting the ship.”  For me, perhaps it was the long hours, or non-stop weekly reporting, or (in some cases) demanding schedule, but I have to admit there was a bit of struggle getting this job to where I feel comfortable and my work flowing in the direction it needs to.  To be honest, I still feel a bit of pressure to hold things things together.  I am not sure how I feel about staying here for the long haul, as I understand that our work demands will just increase over time.

Travel (for work, some for fun):

Within the last few years, I can’t say my travel has been earthshaking, or anything I would scream about, but I have done 2 trips to Texas to see my family, one before the baby was born, and one after.  I have also been out to  Wisconsin twice for training, a personal trip to Hawaii and one trip to Washington State to participate in a college career fair.  All of those experiences were interesting, however for different reasons.  My trips to Texas were good, because I had a chance to visit with family (my brother, his wife and kids), see my mom and dad. It allowed me to get away from everything here, and toy with the fantasy that perhaps I could relocate there or somewhere else where the cost of living was not so high, and the pace of life was not so frantic.  For Wisconsin, I guess it may not seem to be a big deal, but I had a chance to see people in a different environment that I typically have no exposure to.  I got to see a slice of life that I had no knowledge of, and see how people live and survive there.  During my first trip there, I got to catch a Brewers game (facing off against the Cubs).  During my second trip there, our team-building exercise had us tour a beer-making plant and microbrewery.  Lastly, though the trip to Washington was for work, we embedded some fun in there – I got to visit the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and a very nice glass museum (Chihuly Garden and Glass).  Hawaii was a blast, what with a luau, a visit to the North Shore, visiting Pearl Harbor, and the beach.  Altogether, a great trip I can’t wait to repeat many times over.

I guess the main lesson learned is these trips and combined experiences have kept me busy recently, and only now I seem to be able to squeeze in some time to reflect.  I am looking forward to building and cultivating more memories to share.

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I am a career recruiting and HR professional based in the Silicon Valley of California (USA). I am a big fan and advocate for social networking and leveraging cutting edge connectivity tools to further one's connections and career.

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